Talking Heads’ Lead Singer Posts about CardsCook

David Byrne asked me to write about my nonprofit, CardsCook. I will see him in concert on Sunday. Look at the website, My name is Hank Sanders, and I am a junior at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon. Lincoln High has a reputation for being a school of privileged students from wealthy families. […]

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CardsCook In the News

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The Life You Can Save

In my Philosophy class at Lincoln, I am reading a book called the life you can save. This book is fascinating because it goes through our everyday routine and discusses how the world would be a better place if we were more moral in a few ways. One way the author says that Americans are […]

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Design Week Portland Speech

A few days ago, my friend Akili and I presented at Design Week Portland’s opening event. Here is what we said. One day I was walking through the cafeteria, and I saw our students making cakes and pastries in our well renowned culinary arts program. While this program is popular and a great asset to […]

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Philosphy of Memory

When I sit here looking at the photo in my hand, memories of the times of old flash into my head. This photograph of the outside of my house taken in the year 2018 where I lived from ages 0-4 brings back memories, some I can recall, others people around me retell. I hear about […]

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