July 16, 2018 | Russia, Twitter, Goldman, and Kanye


  • Trump has begun his re-election campaign sooner than most sitting presidents have done in their first term. He already has close to 100 million dollars raised.
  • Speaker Paul Ryan says woodchucks chewed up the wiring in his SUV.
  • Protests break out in Chicago after the Chicago Police Department releases body cam footage of the deadly shooting of Harith Augustus
  • Goldman Sachs will name their current President David Solomon as their new CEO. He will replace Lloyd C. Blankfein. The reason for the abrupt shift is unclear.


  • Putin and Trump meet. Putin said that Russia has not and never will interfere in American internal affairs including the election. The two had a one on one meeting for two hours – longer than scheduled. After the meeting, Donald whispered “Thank you” to Putin.
  • Trump Tweeted again that the Investigation into Russian collusion during his campaign is a “witch hunt.” He also said that the strained relations between the two countries should be blamed on the investigation. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affair, headed by Sergey Lavrov, responded to Trump’s Tweet by saying “We Agree” via Twitter comment.
  • A member of “The Nation’s” media was physically ejected from the media room for holding up a sign saying “Nuclear Weapons Test Ban Treaty.”


  • World Cup celebrations in France have turned into riots. Several are injured including someone breaking their neck.
  • Bulls sign Jabari Parker from the Milwaukee Bucks for $40 million over two years.


  • Wiz Khalifa drops “Rolling Papers 2.”
  • The College Dropout, one of Kanye West ’s most popular albums is mysteriously missing from the iTunes Library.


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