June 19, 2018 | Helsinki 2.0, Basic Law, Clothing Diplomacy, Trevor Noah


  • While many in his cabinet are frustrated with his performance at Helsinki, Trump plans to invite Putin to the White House for another summit.
  • Trump has taken two approaches to rectify the Helsinki summit. Yesterday, he exchanged a would for a wouldn’t. Today, he is defending his actions, taking to Twitter to say “The Summit with Russia was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media. I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed…..”
  • Trump has rejected Putin’s offer to question American Intelligence over election meddling.
  • Representative Maxine Waters, who made headlines earlier this month urging people to confront White House staffers when they saw them in public, has now warned her supporters of a potential armed attack against her and her supporters. The threats come from an “anti-government militia” called the “Oath Keepers.”


  • Isreal passed a law called “The Basic Law.” This law calls Isreal the “national home of the Jewish people.” It states that Hebrew is the state language. It also gives Arabic special status and says that it’s standing before the law was enacted will not change. This law is very controversial, but the Prime Minister said: “with this law, we determined the founding principle of our existence.”
  • Putin attacked critics to Helsinki summit. He said, “We see that in the United States there are forces that are ready to easily sacrifice Russian-American relations to their ambitions.”


  • Manny Machado has been signed by the LA Dodgers.
  • Denver Nuggets first-round pick Micheal Porter will have second back surgery. Porter was the top recruits out of high school but his stock has fallen due to injuries.


  • The Queen wore a brooch given to her by Barack Obama when she met with Trump.

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