August 6, 2018 |Iran, Poo Bear, and The Bey


  • Trump imposes strict sanctions on Iran. Obama had eased sanctions in exchange for denuclearization, but when Trump threw out the treaty, sanctions have been reintroduced.
  • Trump endorsed Kris Kobach for Governor of Kansas. Kobach is one of the nation’s most vocal champions of widespread illegal voting, something Trump claimed took place in the 2016 election.


  • Osama Bin Laden’s son has reportedly married the daughter of one of the lead hijackers in the 9/11 attacks.
  • Mike Pompeo says North Korea is not living up to denuclearization pledge.
  • The New Winnie the Pooh movie denied release in China. Is it too cute?


  • Beyonce had a C-Section with twins.


What is Hey Hank Headlines?

Hank and his team reads all the tops stories so you don’t have to. They divide the stories into four categories and writes headlines on what you need to know.

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