August 14, 2018 | LGBTQ, Hot Water, A Bridge, and a Box Office Hit


  • Christine Hallquist wins the Vermont Democratic primary, making history as the first transgender person to win a nomination for governor. She will face the incumbent – Republican Phil Scott – in a runoff in November.
  • A grand jury report has revealed allegations against over 300 abusers in the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania. The abuse went on for decades with more than 1,000 victims and included church leaders covering up crimes and obstructing justice to hide the scandal.
  • The Illinois Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Trump Tower in downtown Chicago saying the building takes in almost 20 million gallons of water a day to cool down the building’s heating systems and then discards the water back into the river. The building has not conducted the required studies on pollution or fish safety the AG claims.


  • 23 are dead and 50 displaced from their homes after a bridge in Italy collapsed.
  • Human rights activists are calling for justice after a religious court in Malaysia sentenced 2 women to be caned after having lesbian sex.
  • Several pedestrians are injured in the UK after a car plowed through security barriers near Parliament in what is being called a deliberate terrorist attack.


  • The movie Crazy Rich Asians has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. But then again, Mission Impossible: Fallout has a 97% and that movie was trash.


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