September 2, 2018 | Weinstein, A Fire, and Caterpillars


  • Four out of five people in a family drowned when their kayak capsized in Wisconsin.
  • A former NBC News Producer said that the station ordered the end of Ronan Farrow’s investigation in Harvey Weinstein. Rich McHugh told The New York Times that he and Farrow were working on a story but NBC put an end to the investigations. NBC denies this allegation.
  • Leon Panetta told reporters that if the Democrats retake the House after the midterms, they shouldn’t push for impeachment but instead let Robert Muller “do his work.” Panetta was the CIA Director under the Obama Administration.


  • The National Museum of Brazil is up in flames after a mysterious fire started overnight. Founded in 1818, the museum is said to hold 200 million priceless artifacts.
  • Ikea is being sued over a caterpillar that was found in someone’s food in their new store in India. Maybe that’s the special ingredient in their meatballs…


  • Serena Williams has made it into the U.S. Open quarterfinals for the tenth year in a row.



What is Hey Hank Headlines?

Hank and his team read all the top stories so you don’t have to. They divide the stories into four categories and write headlines on what you need to know.

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