September 29, 2018 | FBI, Musk, and OSU


  • The White House is placing limits on the FBI investigation into accusations against Kavanaugh. The FBI will not be allowed to investigate claims made by Julie Swetnick, a woman who said Kavanaugh and his friends gang banged girls at parties back in high school.
  • The SEC sued Elon Musk over tweets to take Tesla private. They just reached an agreement. Musk will step down from his Chairman position at Tesla for three years and he and Tesla will both pay $20 million fines.
  • A new interview with Jeff Bezos exposed a secret key to his success: sleep. He does not schedule meetings before 10 or after 5.



  • #4 OSU hangs on to beat #9 Penn State.


  • Lil’ Wayne Drops long-awaited album, Carter V.
  • Kanye performs on SNL season opener!


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