October 16, 2018 | Rasing Money, Cover-ups, and Delving Into Khashoggi


  • Trump has raised over $100 million for the upcoming 2020 election, the most in history at this point in time for a sitting president.
  • More grisly news from the Saudi consulate: Turkey sent a forensics team into the consulate. But before they arrived, a live stream of the entrance of the consulate caught a team cleaners with mops and Clorox entering through the front door. The forensics team also remarked that many walls were freshly painted. Looking past these poor cover-up efforts, the team says they confirmed someone had been killed in the room.
  • What went down: Khashoggi came to the consulate to obtain marriage papers. He was most likely ambushed by the hit squad, dragged to another room where he was murdered and then dismembered. Turkish investigators believe his remains were buried in the consulate’s garden and are considering excavating the grounds.
  • Trump has not come down hard against the Saudi government. Many think this is because he has sold property to Saudi Arabia, set up a 110 billion dollar arms purchase with Saudi Arabia, and recently partnered with Saudi Arabia to increase sanctions on Iran. All these things can improve image as he chases reelection.


  • A fascinating new report shows the connection between Saudi royalty and the suspects in Khashoggi’s murder.
  • Canada legalizes pot nationwide. Only one other country has done this: Uruguay.


  • The Dodgers win in dramatic fashion: They walk off in the bottom of the 13th inning to tie the series against the Brewers at 3 games apiece.
  • Warriors and Celtics beat Thunder and 76ers in the first night of NBA.


  • Trump called Stormy Horse Face, Stormy called Trump “tiny.”


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