October 18, 2018 | Khashoggi, Oura Rings, and Lebron’s Debut


  • A prime suspect in the Khashoggi disappearance is a member of the Prince of Saudi Arabia’s security detail. Today, a photo surfaced of this man entering the Saudi Consulate in Turkey, the best link between the Prince and Khashoggi’s disappearance.
  • Trump finally admits Khasshogi is probably dead.
  • Rockefeller University Hospital says it has credible allegations of sexual assault against a children’s doctor who died in 2007. The allegations come from dozens of boys who alleged the doctor used to measure their penises, masturbate them, take pictures of them, and in instance drug and rape them.


  • It isn’t Prince Harry’s wedding ring that has been getting the attention of many. People have been drawn to his Oura Ring, a device that tracks sleep and activity of its wearers.
  • Turkish officials believe Khashoggi’s body was dumped in a nearby forest.
  • The Taliban is claiming responsibility for the murder of a top Afghan commander. A US commander was also targeted but he escaped.


  • Tonight Lebron James made his debut as a Laker. It was spoiled by a Blazers win.



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