November 3, 2018 | Soldiers to the Border, The Ritz, and Ariana Grande


  • Soldiers go to the border to meet the caravan of migrants.


  • A new investigation reveals some details about an event that took place last year at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Saudi Arabia. Saudi and U.S. officials were held in this hotel, tortured, and extorted for their money and loyalty. This was orchestrated by the Crown Prince. It was done “to remind people going forward that their wealth and their well-being would depend on the crown prince and not anything else.”
  • North Korea threatens to reinstate nuclear testing if the U.S. continues their sanctions.
  • Khashoggi’s Fiance asks Trump for the journalist’s body.


  • The Red Sox say they will consider going to the White House if invited by Trump.


  • So we all know that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke off their engagement. Well in an SNL promo, Davidson asked to marry the musical guest and Grande clapped back. Click here.
  • She also dropped a single called “Thank u, Next” with some very obvious signals to Davidson shortly before SNL aired. Davidson has changed his number and hasn’t talked to her.


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