November 8, 2018 | California Shooting, ACLU, and Thursday Night Football


  • A shooting in a California bar claims 12 lives.
  • The Trump Administration will make it harder for asylum seekers to receive asylum in the US, something the ACLU calls ‘unlawful.’
  • Rick Scott is suing because he feels votes were taken from him by Democrats in the recent Flordia Midterm. He said, “I will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try and steal this election from the great people of Florida.”


  • A mass grave with 200 unmarked bodies was found in Ethiopia.


  • Big Ben throws 5 TDs to beat Panthers on TNF.



What is Hey Hank Headlines?

Hank and his team read all the top stories so you don’t have to. They divide the stories into four categories and write headlines on what you need to know.

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