November 30, 2018 | Bush, a High Five, and Kareem Hunt


  • Former President George H.W. Bush dies at age 94.
  • A 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocks Alaska, triggering Tsunami warnings.
  • Today was day 1 of a G-20 Summit. Trump and Putin avoided one another after Trump canceled a meeting with Putin in response to Russia’s actions in the Crimea sea earlier this week.


  • The most notable event that happened at today’s summit meetings was a jolly high five that took place between the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Vladimir Putin.


  • Star running back Kareem Hunt is cut from Kansas City Chiefs after a video surfaced of him hitting and kicking a woman in a hotel.


  • You gotta check out these viral cows.
  • Check out all the “subtle” hints in Ariana Grande’s latest music video.


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Hank and his team read all the top stories so you don’t have to. They divide the stories into four categories and write headlines on what you need to know.

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