January 9, 2019 | Bye-Bye, Bezos’ Affair, and Kuzma


  • Democrats are accusing Trump of throwing a temper tantrum after he walked out of a meeting. He walked out because Nancy Pelosi refused to fund his border wall. Trump tweeted “I said bye-bye.”
  • If the shutdown lasts two more days it will be the longest Government shutdown in the nation’s history.
  • Jeff Bezos was caught having an affair. Later, news of him divorcing his wife of 25 years broke. This divorce could make his wife the world’s richest woman.


  • Iran has confirmed it has arrested a U.S. sailor.


  • Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma scores a career-high 41 points with Lebron still injured.


  • Michael Jackson’s estate is calling out a new documentary that shows Michael Jackson as a sexual abuser of two young boys. They call it a pathetic lie.


Photo credits to Patch


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One thought on “January 9, 2019 | Bye-Bye, Bezos’ Affair, and Kuzma

  1. Nothing like a good piece of gossip; somehow, any affair that Bezos has is undoubtedly (or at least in my opinion) because he has vast sums of money; he’s not the most appealing guy in the room. Thanks for that very important piece of info that I hadn’t read about. The divorce, yes; the affair, I didn’t hear about. It’s almost as important as the fake wall.


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