January 10, 2019 | A Look Into Bezos’ Affair

Special Topic:

  • This is fascinating.
  • The National Enquirer – a tabloid paper – has made headlines in recent months for their connection to Donald Trump. Trump reportedly paid off executives at the paper to bury stories about Trump’s affairs or produce glowing stories. Trump has expressed anger towards Bezos in large part because Bezos owns the Washington Post – a paper that hasn’t been too nice to trump. The National Enquirer were the ones who broke the story of Bezos’ affair, tracking him and his mistress for 40,000 miles over four months. The NE has sexts, nude texts, and photos of Bezos and his mistress having sex and hanging out on vacation. This divorce will cut Bezos 160 billion dollar fortune in half. Some are speculating if perhaps Trump’s fingerprints are on this story. Others say that this story was only being tracked because of Bezos’ fame. Either way, pretty juicy. Read the sexts here.


  • Amazon share prices fall as news of Bezos’ divorce breaks.
  • Michael Cohen will testify publicly before Congress in February. He will testify in regards to possible illegal activity he may have been ordered to do by President Trump who was his client for many years.
  • In October, a girl and her two parents went missing in Wisconsin. The parent’s bodies were found, but the girl was never found. She was found today and a suspect is in custody.


  • A second Trump-KimJ summit is scheduled for February.
  • The Prime Minister of Japan is backing the British PM’s Brexit deal, saying the world doesn’t want a “no deal Brexit.” However, UK Parliament is expected to reject the deal.


  • LaMarcus Aldridge drops career high 56 points in a double overtime win versus the Thunder.


  • Tim Tebow is engaged to 2017 Miss Universe.


Photo credits to Patch


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