January 16, 2019 | State of the Union, May, and Cardi B


  • Speaker Pelosi asked Trump to postpone his State of the Union speech. She said that in the light of this shutdown, for security and other reasons, the nation would benefit from a postponing of this speech. She also suggested Trump could give the speech from the Oval Office or issue it online.
  • Michigan State’s interim president will resign. He was selected for the position after the seated president resigned for covering up rape allegations towards Larry Nassar, as US gymnastics doctor. The interim president will resign after he was caught saying that the victims of Nasar seemed to be enjoying the spotlight of the Nassar case.


  • Theresa May survives vote of no confidence despite her Brexit plan falling through earlier this week.
  • An IS suicide bomber kills 2 U.S. soldiers.



  • Cardi B had this to say about the Government shutdown.


Photo credits to The Irish Times


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