January 20, 2019 | Wall Deal, Gulliani, and Football


  • Yesterday Trump offered a deal to the Democratic leaders in the House. He said he would open the government back up and provide amnesty for Dreamers if they agreed to fund his $5.7 billion wall. The right called him weak, so today he said that amnesty was not included and all that was included was an extension for DACA.
  • Democrats say they will not negotiate with Trump over the wall.
  • Rudy Giuliani – a lawyer for Trump – says that meetings between Trump and Moscow over Trump Tower lasted through the 2016 election, something he had previously denied.
  • Giuliani also doesn’t see why the Buzzfeed story is a big deal, saying “so what” if Trump and Cohen discussed the congressional testimony?


  • Thousands in Greece take to the streets to protest the name of Macedonia.


  • Postseason football: Refs get destroyed in the media after two games of strange calls. Rams beat Saints, Patriots beat Chiefs. Pats and Rams will face off in Atlanta in two weeks for the Super Bowl.


  • The boy at the face of the video where students are supposedly mocking Native Americans is saying he tried to defuse the situation. He claims to be receiving death threats.


Photo credits to The Telegraph (the kid at the forefront of the confrontation with a group of Native Americans)


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