February 4, 2019 | SOTU, Sexual Misconduct, and Disney World


  • Trump will deliver his State of The Union tomorrow, followed by the Democrat’s response given by Stacy Abrams.
  • One of the people in attendance at the SOTU will be a 6th grader named Joshua Trump who is bullied at school over his name.
  • Prosecutors have subpoenaed documents from Trump’s inaugural committee, sighting allegations that the committee misspent millions of campaign dollars, and accepted donations in exchange for access to Trump.
  • A Pentagon report says that ISIS is regrouping in Iraq, despite Trump’s wishes to remove troops from the area.
  • The Virginia Governor who is tangled up in a racist photo from his med-school yearbook is refusing to step down. If he did step down, the Lieutenant Governor would take his place. Now, the Lieutenant Governor is denying sexual misconduct allegations from 2004. He is claiming the relationship with his accuser was consensual.


  • 8 are dead from a fire in Paris.


  • Patriots stars Tom Brady and Julian Edelman bro out in Disney World.


  • Big Boi performed at the Super Bowl in a massive fur coat. Now Peta is asking him to stop wearing fur.


Photo credits to Orlando Sentinel


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