Philosphy of Memory

When I sit here looking at the photo in my hand, memories of the times of old flash into my head. This photograph of the outside of my house taken in the year 2018 where I lived from ages 0-4 brings back memories, some I can recall, others people around me retell. I hear about […]

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Last month, rehearsals started for the show “Eurydice” by Sarah Ruhl. I play a character with two personas – “Lord of the Underworld” and “Nasty Interesting Man” – in this professional production of an adapted ancient Greek myth called “Orpheus and Eurydice.” The premise of the play is as follows: a young woman gets trapped […]

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“Philosphy-ing” every day things

  Yes, Philosophy-ing isn’t a word. But looking into the everyday things through a philosophical lense can be eye opening… Stimulus material: Gregorian calendar Description: On the wall of every single classroom, office, home, and room all around the world one can find a small checkered calendar with numbers attached to them. This calendar has […]

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As part of my recent efforts to end hunger in young adults, I have been delving into the homeless issue in our city. Here is a mathematical analysis of the city of Portland’s homeless issue using data I have collected at one homeless shelter in the city Portland: When looking at Portland, we can look […]

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