In Response

From Tim Bazemore:
CG is PS-12
– on this issue – “In fact, according to Bazemore there is a different problem when it comes to diversity in the school.” I believe this is a challenge at Catlin and at many schools – not a unique problem at Catlin
– This is a bit overstated – (“People of color who are interested in teaching, many of them want to focus very much not in a community like this but in a community where they think they can make a bigger difference in terms of health of the community.”) I think I said that national research shows that public and private schools are having a hard time recruiting people of color. They can make more money in other professions, and many who do enter education are drawn more to public schools where they feel they can have a larger impact on their immediate community.
– I think I said we don’t want to be a school for only wealthy families – not “And we don’t want to a rich person school.”

From Peyton Chapman:
The only change I would request be made is fixing the statement that I am the head of the UO Enrollment Board. I just completed my term as a member of the board but I was not the Chair. I am now the Region & rep for the National Association of Secondary School Principals representing Oregon and 8 other states.

From Tina Edlund:
I have a correction and/or clarification. The comment that I oversaw the project to destroy Cover Oregon isn’t quite correct. I oversaw the transition to the federal exchange after the Cover Oregon board voted to move in that direction. The Legislature voted to abolish Cover Oregon later during session.

There’s also a statement about “the website she had been building for the last 6 months.” I wasn’t involved in building a website, just oversaw a transition from one website, CoverOregon’s, to another,

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