“Philosphy-ing” every day things

  Yes, Philosophy-ing isn’t a word. But looking into the everyday things through a philosophical lense can be eye opening… Stimulus material: Gregorian calendar Description: On the wall of every single classroom, office, home, and room all around the world one can find a small checkered calendar with numbers attached to them. This calendar has […]

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As part of my recent efforts to end hunger in young adults, I have been delving into the homeless issue in our city. Here is a mathematical analysis of the city of Portland’s homeless issue using data I have collected at one homeless shelter in the city Portland: When looking at Portland, we can look […]

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What we do: CardsCook is Portland’s first entirely student led program working to fight hunger in young adults. Over the past two years, students at Lincoln High School have partnered with Portland Public Schools, Oregon Food Bank and Clay Street Table to create meals and classes for the underprivledged youth. The meals we cook are […]

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Last week I taught a class about marketing. Several students said that they wanted to learn about marketing so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to put a lesson together to talk marketing strategies and ideas. I taught my class about different marketing strategies and showed several ad campaigns that showcased the different ad techniques. These […]

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Intolerable Tolerance

Last month, Cards Cook received a several thousand dollar grant to fight homelessness in Portland. Oregon Food Bank gave the CC (Cards Cook) team the money to set up a “solutions feast” where people in the homeless community come and discuss how to fix this problem. Since then, I have been racking my brain, searching […]

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Field Trips

Photo of my class recently at a field trip. We visited Portland Juice Company. PJC is a cold pressed juice business run by women working to increase the health of Portlanders. They have a location on the Nike Campus where they sell out almost every day.  

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