The Monthly: September in Review

Hey Readers,
My first five issues have been posted. At the end of each month, I like to take some time to look back on some of the essays that have been posted as well as offer a glimpse into the upcoming month.

Hey Hank kicked off in late September with the interview of Edlund and Kolmer. This offered a unique perspective into the Affordable Care Act: its enrollment followed by the recall. After I posted this interview, I received a comment from Tina Edlund seeking a revision. To view the comment, please take a look at the tab titled In Response. Even though I do not change my articles on a request basis, the clarification was only a clarification of Edlund’s job title.

In clarification of the Sam Blackman Interview, it has recently come out that the acquisition by Amazon was worth 295 millions dollars instead of the 500 million many (including myself) reported.

Throughout the the month, I spoke to a reporter, a CEO and two heads of school.

So far, Hey Hank has been very fun and quite successful. I hope to have a bit more of a month by month theme instead of being just across the board. I am working on a four week special about Portland food and a special on marijuana.

Next month I can promise an interview with former Governor Barbara Roberts and Lincoln High School teacher Steve Griffith.

Comment your thoughts. Email me to be interviewed. And as always, Keep Reading the News.

Happy halloween and sincerely yours,
Hank Sanders.

Hey Hank News.
The News, Through Interviews, Once a Week.

2 thoughts on “The Monthly: September in Review

  1. Hank, Regarding the mayoral system in Portland, are there are other cities that run like that. It’s so different than Chicago. It was very interesting to learn the role of commissioners and it seems like an excellent idea for each to have various areas that are under their control (if it works as well as it sounds). Have you thought about interviewing your dad and his innovative medical system. Also, I’m not sure who’s on your email list, but I know Conor wants to receive it and certainly Gabe and Isaac would love to read your interviews. Also, I love the clean look of the site. GSharon


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